by The Necronauts

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released September 10, 2010

Billy G - words / voice / guitars / keyboards - bass / percussion on tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 13, 14

Dale T. Goodman - drums

Christopher Thomas Warmuth - bass on tracks 1, 3, 17

Andrew Kirk Pangus - bass on tracks 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19

Lance Lammers - second guitar on track 12

D’Arcy Goodman - backup vocals on track 13

Carlos Demasio - second guitar on tracks 5 & 7 - backup vocals on track 7

written by BG except track 3 co-written with Christopher Thomas Warmuth. Track 5 co-written with Dale T. Goodman, Andrew Kirk Pangus & Carlos Demasio. Track 7 co-written with Carlos Demasio. Track 11 co-written with Andrew Kirk Pangus. Track 13
co-written with D’Arcy Goodman.

Track 1 was engineered & recorded at the kenneth room (RIP) by Matt Turner, mixed by BG with a mix assist by jalipaz. Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13 & 14 were recorded, performed and mixed by BG. Tracks 3 & 17 were recorded by Marcus & Beto at Flying Blanket Recording. Tracks 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18 & 19 were engineered, recorded & mixed by Lance Lammers at Modified in Phoenix (RIP), audioconfusion in Mesa & various residential central phoenix spaces. Tracks 3, 7 & 17 mixed by BG. Droite sequenced by BG.

mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, IL.



all rights reserved

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Track Name: shit (demo)
i got my heart back
sneak attack
without an alter ego
i got my shit together

got my soul back
digestive tract
a bean and rice burrito
i've got my shit together

slick my hair back
i'll talk some smack
i'll drink san pellegrino
i've got my shit together

a computer hack
asthma attack
my blood is part latino
i've got my shit together

la la la la la

i i i i i've got my shit

i got my haircut
my dick sucked
and now i'm gonna meet her mom
i've got my shit together

man she got cut,
that bitch got fucked up!
i've got my shit together

and she got cut,
and she got cut,
and she got cut!
i've got my shit together

got my heart back
sneak attack
without and alter ego
i've got my shit together

i got my shit together
my shit comes out together
Track Name: 10x3
worse for wear is what they say
i'll be sober one more day
hey coach will you put me in the game?
i'm good to field one more play
Track Name: depredation medication (original version)
he never asked you
Track Name: napalm inhaler
napalm inhaler underwater graves
beautiful slaves, 600, trying to push too early
she can't resist now i'm swimming in a public pool
killing myself to be with you

killing my health for comfort
she cannot resist
trying to push too early
trying to get to this
napalm inhaler underwater
Track Name: stevie's deal (lovesick dropkick)
why does it feel better for you to kill me
rather than me to kill myself?
time to medicate shit for brains
cause your eyes have overflowed with guilt
i despise this hopeless despair
that keeps my black lungs filled with air
i am weak, a wreck and so goddamn pathetic
you deserve a man not a human prosthetic

i still get blinded by your bright green light
from my lonely portal deep inside

so can you do me this final favor?
not in vain, it's for my veins
cause where love treads despair stubbornly follows
Track Name: marilyn
i contracted HIV from a needle that shares a vegan with me
your reflection never lies, swear i won't tell anyone about your vice

ain't it nice?
watch it swell
curator of my personal hell

postcards and movie clips
first division as i took one in the tits
found heaven in a prison camp
burnt lamps light spies
between your thighs

i know you well
yeah yeah yeah
curator of my hell
Track Name: restored (MDCKYAYDA Ad Libitum)
used to see a place that i belonged from
now i see right through you
wait i know what she's lookin for
i know that you'll always be my filthy animal
way down inside she holds her mind
shes knows just where she wants to hide and i know why
i can see right though you

wait i think that's her i think she's watchin
i said wait, i am dead weight

i know that your mine, i know that you're the girl
i know that she bleeds i knows she's a part of me

i know that my dad, he could whip your ass
practices kung fu, yeah he knows what to do
i gotta write some

with you
Track Name: emina's deal
you're beauty gets scattered, like cigarette ashes
from the broken window of my speeding car

tiny fragments, splintering and vanishing
into this vast sea of drab sand
my soul gets so buried and that's ok
karma's a bitch that way
paint, wine and cigarettes
bruise and then caress
paint, wine and cigarettes

big sleeping cogs scream and whine
protest their awakening about time
tiny hands bleed and mend
it is love it's not pretend
i've got these wounds that need to heal
with half of my heart i love you still
Track Name: white mouth
i'm tired of smoking resin
i hope my brother gets home soon
my teeth have rotted inside my head
the only i've wrote that's true

massive blueprint humming, singing and harnessing
the protest is over a focused hum begins

big sleeping cogs scream and whine
protesting their awakening
it's about fucking time!
Track Name: lovefriend (demo)
whatever happened to true friends with pure hearts? i guess they died.
as i got older and i learned its not necessarily a girl
whatever happened to true love on my watch? i guess they all lied,
and i learned i had to create your little soul

whatever happened to true love?

love friend
Track Name: the killing (demo)
here's to killing with you kid
here's to taking our time
i'm still walking with you kid
let's walk around outside

here's to breathing with you kid
i'm still walking with you kid
i'm still breathing all right

do do do do do do

here's to breathing with you kid
here's to breathing outside
i'm still walking without you here
i'm still breathing all right

here's to killing with you kid
Track Name: too fast for jonny
fuck you, etc, etc.
Track Name: andy's deal
waiting and watching
a master disguising
as his one true love

way down under
there's no recover
she has found a home

everything's good and yeah everything's great
be sure that everything is fine
because if it's not, and it gets in the way
we can leave it behind

cathy's coming over
she thinks i'm sober
never gonna show up
never gonna show her

way down under you've come undone
your foundation's been rotted son
but don't blame me cause i tried

purple fuzz has you compromised
it's nothing that i don't know
cause sometimes i still hide

hallowed yellowed shallow mellow
Track Name: on fire (original version)
here and gone with the sun
was born for sure quarter indian
they labor for you until exhaustion
your lips are so red from their blood

but when i'm beside you darling i'm on fire
requesting just a strand of your hair is required
to hang me from the ghosts that are in your bedroom
i'm in love with all of you... everyone

my faith in none is liberation
my mouth is open so wide, as big as the sun
i know now for sure that i'm no one
Track Name: the killing (original version)
governments have parties and so do i
but they get to live and we get to die
Track Name: leslie’s deal (original version)
i've got some lies to tell you about a girl i know
she is a rock promoter and she's one hell of a punk rock girl

she is a rock promoter
i am a rock and roll singer
i am the best in the whole wide world
she says she's really strung out
the scenesters have her in doubt
a desert full of copy machines

one more hit on poppy
bunk gear is such a drag
arrive on a plain so abstract
we forget where we are at

where are we at? i don't know...

she says let's have this beer
i can't cause i gots to steer
sorry that i can't oblige you
she says shes really strung out
the scenesters have her in doubt
a desert full of copy machines

she is a rock promoter

so i bet you've guessed how
this motion picture ends
cold without commitment but she
has another friend

there she goes booking those shows
book those shows
bookin those little independent shows