Aire Fresco

by The Necronauts

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released June 20, 2003

billy g. guitar / vox / keys
andrew kirk pangus bass
dale t. goodman drums

guest players: vince whitney violin / clavetta / 2nd vox on 14. brandon canfield Lynch Voice on 12. Art by BG

written by billy except track 8 by andy & billy

recorded live by brandon hodgins, mike bromann with gabe rushing at modified arts. tracks 8 and 14 recorded by billy g at home. track 6 recorded by gobo.



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Track Name: kim's deal
all i've ever known
is right here, right now
but she runs away
Track Name: riverside
as she stood up there last night
she challenged evil to a fight
and she knew she was wrong

and she stood up from the haze
hadn't seen the ground for days
and she knew she was lost

love me baby love me
Track Name: bound to the ground (demo)
i trusted you with my heart like the winter
but youre fall and i have an army of accomplices, not friends

its on tonite

poison tongues infect motherly words like a sickness
youve buried me for long enough, its time to see whos right
Track Name: the way
she swears to me that she knows the way
i swear to myself that i know the way

spend my money on stupid shit
and i dont know why
spend my time and energy on stupid people
and i dont know why
Track Name: your door
im at your door
im at your mercy

he has seen the naked soul
it shook his head
as soon as he
had control again he had to breathe
gloriously frightening
glorious sleep

he finds time
Track Name: the sickness (demo)
im looking for a new drug
im looking but i cant find one
im looking for a new set of eyes

lets sit, lets talk of nothing
like the feeling of being
abandoned, stripped and all alone

im looking and i cant find the one

im looking for a new love
im looking but i cant find one
im looking for a new set of eyes

its so good like a sickness
its me and my nose itches
sore thumbs stick out and youre a bore
Track Name: country in my soul
there is country in my soul
there is shit in my asshole
yeah we're all getting old
there's someplace i gotta go

there is country and its in my soul
Track Name: faux
forget you
follow me through my childhood

you're not my friend
i can't learn nothing
Track Name: familiar burns (demo)
you know they try to hold me down
pigs vocalize inside their town
they dont know me, they dont know how
before you know it theyll come around

i know that its my turn
i know that i will learn
i know these familiar burns
i know

i know that its always your turn
i know that i will never learn
i know that these arent really burns

a range life
hold my hand
Track Name: alien girlfriend (part one)
Hi. I saw you on the street and I was thinking of you and me and so I came to you to talk. What about the way I walk? Hi. I saw you in that UFO and i noticed you had green skin and three tits.

You wanna take me away?

I've got a girlfriend and she's an alien.
Track Name: springerville
i can't get lost in this song

and i feel that i feel
it's so different

i could get lost in this one
Track Name: barbarians & monerans
my boyfriends girlfriend is a barbarian
head full of shit full of hysteria

when you come here i get scared
in my eyes and in my head
Track Name: complete monologue
Yes, he is saying something.
Track Name: ashes over idaho (demo)
oh look who forgot to call out your name
it was me, i'll admit it