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released October 23, 2004

WILLIAM JEE - guitars / vocals / keys / lyrics

Engineered, mixed & mastered by Cory Spotts (Blue Light Audio|Media) in Grandma Demasio's room, March 2004. Produced by Billy & Cory. Track 4 produced by Billy, Cory & Carlos Demasio. Drum Tech - Marty Welker. Noah Tallman's snare was used on track 3. Art by BG



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Track Name: bound to the ground
i trusted you with my heart like the winter
but youre fall and i have an army of accomplices -- not friends

its on tonite
its over tonite

poison tongues infect motherly words like a sickness
youve buried me for long enough -- its time to see whos right

its on tonite
its over tonite

fail and graduate and you run to the river
i trusted you with half of my heart like the winter
Track Name: a muse
this information is not
as free as youd like it to be
there are walls in front of you
there are walls in front of me

i need a muse
i need abuse
i got nothing to lose

i need a muse
a god
i need a muse
im not
i need abuse
i got nothing to lose

she likes when im on top
so she can watch me breathe
vampire teeth growing
her love bleeds into me
Track Name: coitus
her lungs fill up
his head is washed out
his dress is off
her pants are down
she liked it rough
his luck has run out
her hips slide up
he shakes her down
mouths open up
she whispers out
"my heart is red"
he replies aloud
"all i can say is ive lost my baby today"

whats wrong with you boy?
Track Name: graveyard hill
you say "i love you baby"
but now shes knows you do
say "i need it" baby
but she is over you
say "i loved it" baby
but now i know you do
you say "i need it baby"
but shes afraid of you

no we wont get fooled again
yeah. look who got fooled again

here they come a creepin lookin to get paid
not me tomorrow -- baby not today
here we come a walkin, talkin with big mouths
dont look to us cause this aint our town...
Track Name: gail's deal
all that i want
all that i need
is you

wish i could die
inside of your lies
and truth

i have more to learn
about freezer burn
i do

here we are again
here we go to play

we're not bound to the ground
so why are we messing around?
Track Name: the sickness
im looking for a new drug
im looking but i cant find one
im looking for a new set of eyes

lets sit lets talk of nothing
like the feeling of being
abandoned strippped and all alone

im looking and i cant find the one

im looking for a new love
im looking but i cant find one
im looking for a new set of eyes

its so good like a sickness
its me and my nose itches
sore thumbs stick out and youre a bore
Track Name: machines
now i got this machine that makes me happy
now ill take of you my little angel girl

now i hope that i'll be
everything that i see
tiny angel girl
Track Name: blue song
ive got the blues and there is nothing i can do
shes got the keys that i need to get right on through
ill take my time, ill take my own time
ill take a drive up through my tall pines

i wanna be just like you
see your face split up in two
plant a seed inside of you
infection spreads in tones of blue
fuck you...

there she goes
there she goes again

i want to sound just like you
boring bland and all in tune
want to feel just like you
baseball caps and business suits
fuck you